RADIO BOB! Der dunkle Parabelritter Playlist

RADIO BOB! Der dunkle Parabelritter

Welche Songs wurden heute auf radio BOB! Der dunkle Parabelritter gespielt? Auf dieser Seite finden Sie eine Playlist mit einem Zeitplan für die letzten 7 Tage.

Zeit Artist Titel
7:14 Neaera Spearheading the spawn
7:07 Blind guardian Somewhere far beyond
7:03 In extremo Störtebeker
6:56 Dio Don't talk to strangers
6:51 Mygrain Veil of sun
6:42 Mgla Exercises in futility vi
6:35 Cradle of filth Lord abortion
6:28 Ensiferum Burning leaves
6:23 Sabaton The lion from the north
6:19 Caliban I am ghost
6:13 Dordeduh Dojana
6:08 Ghost Miasma
6:04 Kvelertak Fossegrim
5:56 Wilderun O resolution!
5:52 Get the shot Rotting idols
5:47 Bullet for my valentine Scream aim fire
5:41 Amorphis Shades of gray
5:37 Nightrage A condemned club
5:33 Within temptation Dangerous (feat. howard jones)
5:27 Light the torch Calm before the storm
5:18 Alcest Écailles de lune, pt. 2
5:13 Daath Ovum
5:07 Metallica Ride the lightning
5:01 Dimmu borgir Dimmu borgir
4:55 In extremo Rasend herz
4:48 Iron maiden No more lies
4:43 Zeal & ardor Don't you dare
4:35 Schammasch Metanoia
4:30 Trivium In waves
4:25 Parkway drive Dream run
4:18 Scar symmetry The kaleidoscopic god
4:11 The vision bleak By our brotherhood with seth
4:06 Eluveitie Rebirth
4:03 Timo rautiainen & trio niskalaukaus Suomi sata vuotta
3:56 Mist of misery Epitaph of penitence
3:51 Warbringer Scars remain
3:49 Five finger death punch Top of the world
3:43 Secrets My mind, myself & i
3:39 Aborted Retrogore
3:34 Cradle of filth Death magick for adepts
3:27 Sabaton Panzerkampf
3:20 Behemoth O father o satan o sun!
3:14 The sorrow Crossing jordan
3:10 Born of osiris Machine
3:04 Pyramaze Ghost light
2:58 In extremo En esta noche
2:53 Eluveitie Your gaulish war
2:46 Mercenary Through the eyes of the devil
2:41 Evocation Divine and conquer
2:34 Metallica The shortest straw
2:28 Sonata arctica In black and white
2:21 Rhapsody of fire On the way to ainor
2:14 Dawn of disease Ascension gate
2:11 Thy art is murder Soldiers of immortality
2:05 Heaven shall burn Hunters will be hunted
1:57 Harakiri for the sky Burning from both ends
1:52 Blind guardian Mirror mirror
1:45 Bleed from within Alive
1:40 Hoth Serpentine whispers
1:36 Bullet for my valentine Her voice resides
1:26 Iron maiden Dance of death
1:19 Unleash the archers Awakening
1:13 Amiensus Become the fear
1:09 Sabaton Ghost division
1:04 Moonsorrow Non serviam
0:59 Slipknot Unsainted
0:53 Dark oath Battle sons
0:48 Kreator Civilization collapse
0:44 Lamb of god Dead seeds
0:40 Heaven shall burn Against bridge burners
0:36 Code for silence Art of being a coward
0:31 While she sleeps Elephant
0:26 Amon amarth Live for the kill
0:21 Jinjer On the top
0:16 Awakening sun Void silence
0:11 Trivium Pull harder on the strings of your martyr
0:03 Mercenary The hours that remain