RADIO BOB! Tobias Sammet Playlist

RADIO BOB! Tobias Sammet

Playlist von heute: Was lief wann im RADIO BOB! Tobias Sammet. Finden Sie die Songs und Shows, die in den letzten 7 Tagen gespielt wurden.

Zeit Artist Titel
21:46 Megadeth Symphony of destruction
21:39 Bad english The restless ones
21:36 Avantasia Moonglow (feat. candice night)
21:31 Y&t Black tiger
21:26 Haywire Bad bad boy
21:23 Mr. big Around the world
21:19 Fate Limbo a go go
21:15 Magnum Heartbroke & busted
21:11 Whitesnake Gambler
21:07 H.e.a.t Never let go
21:03 Dio Rainbow in the dark
20:58 Def leppard Promises
20:55 Mötley crüe Red hot
20:51 Vicious rumors Don't wait for me
20:32 Aerosmith Sweet emotion
20:27 Kingdom come Living out of touch
20:24 Bad habit Turning water into wine
20:20 Sammy hagar There's only one way to rock
20:15 W.a.s.p. Wild child
20:11 Lucifer's friend Ride the sky
20:05 Meat loaf Blind as a bat
20:02 Iron maiden Run to the hills
19:55 Giant Save me tonight
19:51 Kiss Tears are falling
19:47 Fair warning One step closer
19:42 Ac/dc Heatseeker
19:38 Bob catley Open your eyes
19:13 Magnum How far jerusalem
19:08 Harem scarem Hard to love
19:05 Gary moore Since i met you baby (feat. b.b. king)
18:59 Journey Higher place
18:48 Battle bratt You`re the one
18:39 Fastway She won't rock
18:34 Helloween Eagle fly free
18:29 Oliver hartmann Alive again
18:24 Def leppard Foolin'
18:18 Masterplan Soulburn
17:53 Winger Rainbow in the rose
17:49 King kobra Thrill of a lifetime
17:44 Tyketto Forever young
17:35 Gamma ray Valley of the kings
17:32 Triumvirat A bavarian in new york
17:25 Mr. big I get the feeling
17:02 Steve perry Captured by the moment
16:56 Deep purple King of dreams
16:53 Foreigner Feels like the first time
16:49 Grave digger Tattooed rider
16:36 Yngwie malmsteen Making love
16:33 Rose tattoo We can't be beaten
16:09 Shinedown Devour
16:05 Savatage Gutter ballet
15:57 Def leppard Run riot
15:54 Mötley crüe Driftaway
15:48 Gary moore Nuclear attack
15:36 Avantasia Scarecrow
15:34 Bonfire The price of loving you
15:27 Lisa dalbello Wait for an answer
15:23 Armored saint Dropping like flies
15:19 Bad english Tough times don't last
15:16 Strangeways Where do we go from here
15:12 Dio I speed at night
14:52 Kiss Time traveler
14:44 Jagged edge Fuel for your soul
14:38 Fate Hunter
14:34 The darkness Hazel eyes
14:30 Heavy pettin Sole survivor
14:26 U.d.o. Don't look back
14:23 John norum Night buzz
14:19 Skid row Big guns
14:15 Edguy Ravenblack
14:09 Journey I'll be alright without you
14:04 Hammerfall Riders of the storm
14:00 King diamond Amon belongs to them
13:56 Hot leg Chickens
13:52 W.a.s.p. The last command
13:49 Running wild The privateer
13:28 Dio We rock
13:23 Legs diamond Loneliness
13:19 Treat World of promises
13:15 Taraxacum Spirit of freedom
13:09 Iron maiden Still life
12:45 Alias After all the love is gone
12:39 Guns n' roses Nightrain
12:32 Sammy hagar Winner takes it all
12:01 Vengeance Just what my doctor ordered
11:56 Hardline Rhythm from a red car
11:49 Hear 'n aid Stars
11:46 Edguy Love tyger
11:43 Victory The check's in the mail
11:39 Thunderhead Young and useless
11:35 Ted nugent Dog eat dog
11:32 Stratovarius Father time
11:12 Ratt Back for more
11:07 Widowmaker The widowmaker
11:03 Kiss Reason to live
10:58 Shy Under fire
10:54 Steel panther Community property
10:48 Gary moore Military man
10:45 Pretty maids Don't settle for less
10:39 Silent rage Rebel with a cause