RADIO BOB! Symphonic Metal Playlist

RADIO BOB! Symphonic Metal

Welche Songs wurden heute auf radio BOB! Symphonic Metal gespielt? Auf dieser Seite finden Sie eine Playlist mit einem Zeitplan für die letzten 7 Tage.

Zeit Artist Titel
16:02 Dark moor Living in a nightmare
15:19 Twilight force Powerwind
15:14 Moonsun Slain by silence
15:11 Equilibrium Heimat
15:00 Symphony x Incantations of the apprentice
14:45 Sirenia Love like cyanide
14:33 Wilderun Distraction i
14:26 Xandria Little red relish
13:56 Visions of atlantis Pirates will return
13:52 Symphony x Without you
13:50 Delain My masquerade
13:47 Sonata arctica Fly with the black swan
13:11 Beyond the black Reincarnation
13:03 Symphony x Paradise lost
12:40 Stratovarius Rise above it
12:13 Serenity Iniquity
11:47 After forever Discord
11:43 Haggard The victory
11:36 Tristania A sequel of decay
11:32 Arion Seven
11:23 Nemesea Threefold law
11:02 Turilli & lione rhapsody Multidimensional
11:00 Avantasia Scarecrow
10:41 Kamelot Karma
10:24 Nightwish Noise
10:19 Sonata arctica Life
9:52 Therion Dark venus persephone
9:38 Dimmu borgir Dimmu borgir
9:23 Avantasia Lavender (feat. bob catley)
9:06 Battlelore Firekeeper
8:59 Beyond the black Is there anybody out there?
8:49 Eleine Where your rotting corpse lie (w.y.r.c.l.)
8:33 Rhapsody of fire Infinitae gloriae
8:28 Xandria Valentine
8:24 Septicflesh Titan
8:22 Epica Abyss of time - countdown to singularity
7:51 Stratovarius Unbreakable
7:46 Visions of atlantis Return to lemuria
7:42 Twilight force Dawn of the dragonstar
7:39 The gentle storm The greatest love (storm version)
7:28 Dragony Golden dawn
7:06 Delain One second
7:01 Septicflesh Prometheus
6:15 Wintersun Land of snow and sorrow
5:47 Rhapsody of fire Master of peace
5:44 Within temptation Faster
5:42 Avantasia Moonglow (feat. candice night)
3:10 Therion Son of the staves of time
3:05 After forever Lith of doubt
2:35 Beyond the black Hallelujah
2:20 Sirenia Love like cyanide
2:10 Evanescence Cloud nine
0:06 Xandria Reborn
0:01 Septicflesh Portrait of a headless man