RADIO BOB! Symphonic Metal Playlist

RADIO BOB! Symphonic Metal

Welche Songs wurden heute auf radio BOB! Symphonic Metal gespielt? Auf dieser Seite finden Sie eine Playlist mit einem Zeitplan für die letzten 7 Tage.

Zeit Artist Titel
18:54 Epica The great tribulation (feat. fleshgod apocalypse)
18:50 Hammerfall The sacred vow
18:46 Evanescence Lost in paradise
18:41 Stratovarius World on fire
18:37 Edenbridge Alight a new tomorrow
18:33 Blind guardian Mirror mirror
18:28 Avantasia The haunting
18:24 Ad infinitium I am the storm
18:19 Turilli & lione rhapsody Fast radio burst
18:15 Within temptation Stand my ground
18:10 Sonata arctica Fly with the black swan
18:06 After forever Lith of doubt
18:02 Dimmu borgir Gateways
17:58 Twilight force Dawn of the dragonstar
17:53 Amberian dawn Magic forest
17:48 Rhapsody of fire Maid of the secret sand
17:43 Nightwish Noise
17:39 Apocalyptica feat. joakim brodén Live or die
17:35 Nemesea Empress
17:29 Blind guardian Nightfall
17:26 Beyond the black Songs of love and death
17:20 Lacrimosa Lichtgestalt
17:17 Evanescence What you want
17:12 Dragonland Fire and brimstone
17:09 Leaves' eyes Jomsborg
17:02 Septicflesh Prometheus
16:57 Stratovarius Black diamond
16:52 Sirenia Dim days of dolor
16:47 Rhapsody of fire Glory for salvation
16:44 Eleine We are legion
16:39 Gloryhammer Gloryhammer
16:34 Visions of atlantis Legion of the seas
16:30 Dark moor Faustus
16:27 Xandria Nightfall
16:22 Arion Seven
16:17 Temperance Hero
16:13 Stratovarius The curtains are falling
16:09 Ad infinitium Marching on versailles
16:03 Wind rose The breed of durin
15:52 Avantasia Scarecrow
15:48 Therion Leviathan
15:40 Wintersun Land of snow and sorrow
15:36 Beyond the black Song for the godless
15:31 Rhapsody of fire Infinitae gloriae
15:26 The dark element Songs the night sings
15:22 Symphony x Without you
15:18 Within temptation Angels
15:13 Wilderun Distraction i
15:08 Epica Sancta terra
15:03 Sabaton Angels calling (feat. apocalyptica)
14:56 Avantasia Black orchid
14:51 Elvellon A vagabond's heart
14:46 Dimmu borgir Alpha aeon omega
14:42 Beyond the black Spiderweb of eyes
14:34 Delain Frozen
14:29 Kamelot Soul society
14:25 Turilli & lione rhapsody D.n.a. (demon and angel)
14:21 The gentle storm The greatest love (storm version)
14:19 Equilibrium Himmelsrand
14:15 Xandria Ravenheart
14:10 Stratovarius Unbreakable
14:07 Nemesea No more
14:02 Septicflesh Portrait of a headless man
13:56 Rhapsody of fire Master of peace
13:54 Within temptation Faster
13:50 Dragony Gods of war
13:43 Tristania A sequel of decay
13:40 Blind guardian Skalds and shadows
13:36 Edenbridge Higher
13:31 Avantasia Farewell
13:27 Symphony x The sacrifice
13:22 Delain April rain
13:18 Stratovarius Oblivion
13:13 Within temptation Mother earth
13:09 Therion Quetzalcoatl
13:05 Eleine Ava of death
13:01 Kamelot One more flag in the ground
12:58 Leaves' eyes Across the sea
12:51 Rhapsody of fire Reign of terror
12:47 Nightwish Amaranth
12:40 Avantasia Journey to arcadia
12:35 Sirenia Into the night
12:30 Septicflesh Pyramid god
12:26 Dark moor First lance of spain
12:21 Imperia Fear is an illusion
12:16 Twilight force Night of winterlight
12:12 Apocalyptica feat. lizzy hale Talk to me
12:08 Stratovarius Darkest hours
12:05 Within temptation Frozen
11:59 Dimmu borgir Dimmu borgir
11:55 Visions of atlantis Melancholy angel
11:49 Avantasia Reach out for the light
11:42 Nightwish 7 days to the wolves
11:37 Kamelot The haunting (somewhere in time) (feat. simone simons)
11:32 Elvellon The puppeteer
11:29 Eternal tears of sorrow Black tears
11:24 Epica Unchain utopia
11:19 Lacrimosa Wenn unsere helden sterben
11:13 Eleine Where your rotting corpse lie (w.y.r.c.l.)
11:09 Dark moor The chariot