RADIO BOB! Metalcore Playlist

RADIO BOB! Metalcore

Welche Songs wurden heute auf radio BOB! Metalcore gespielt? Auf dieser Seite finden Sie eine Playlist mit einem Zeitplan für die letzten 7 Tage.

Zeit Artist Titel
15:34 Bullet for my valentine Her voice resides
15:31 Underoath Lifeline (drowning)
15:28 Aviana Look away
15:24 Texas in july Hook, line and sinner
15:19 Bury tomorrow Black flame
15:16 Spiritbox Silk in the strings
15:11 Like moths to flames Some nights
15:07 Imminence Desolation
15:05 Earth crisis The morbid glare
15:01 Landmvrks Self-made black hole (feat. resolve)
14:58 We came as romans Black hole (feat. caleb shomo)
14:54 Architects Gravedigger
14:50 In this moment Surrender
14:46 Falling in reverse Watch the world burn
14:41 The human abstract Crossing the rubicon
14:38 Annisokay Human
14:34 It dies today Sixth of june
14:32 The ghost inside Death grip
14:28 Awake the dreamer Believe
14:24 August burns red Marianas trench
14:21 Ice nine kills The shower scene
14:17 Callejon Videodrom
14:14 Killswitch engage My last serenade
14:10 Better lovers 30 under 13
14:06 Dead by april Angels of clarity
14:03 The amity affliction & louie knuxx I see dead people
13:58 Catherine Evil man, dead man
13:55 All that remains Broken
13:51 Blessthefall Hollow bodies
13:47 Caliban Ich blute für dich
13:43 Demon hunter The negative
13:40 Stick to your guns Cave canem
13:37 Aphyxion Restless nights
13:33 Crossfaith Lith
13:30 Atreyu (i)
13:25 Any given day Endurance
13:22 Beartooth Riptide
13:18 Spiritbox Blessed be
13:12 Trivium Down from the sky
13:09 Of mice & men Castaway
13:04 Motionless in white Destroying everything
13:01 Silent planet Translate the night
12:58 Knocked loose Forget your name
12:54 Memphis may fire The sinner
12:51 Callejon Palmen aus plastik
12:47 While she sleeps So what?
12:43 Adept Secrets
12:40 The devil wears prada Spiderhead
12:36 Asking alexandria Into the fire
12:33 Tenside Shadow to shine
12:29 Void of vision If only
12:25 Coldrain Runaway (feat. jacoby shaddix)
12:21 Veil of maya Outsider
12:17 Jinjer Outlander
12:14 Falling in reverse Guillotine iv (the chapter)
12:09 Polaris Nightmare
12:06 Caliban I am ghost
12:01 Unearth The wretched; the ruinous
12:00 A day to remember Bad vibrations
11:15 Crown the empire In another life (feat. courtney laplante)
11:13 Infected rain Lure
11:09 The five hundred feat. andreas bjulver Walls of jericho
11:07 Never back down Feed me your lies
11:03 Breakdown of sanity Restless
11:00 Siamese Ocean bed
10:56 Northlane Vultures
10:51 Asking alexandria The black
10:48 The agonist Immaculate deception
10:45 The ghost inside Earn it
10:42 All that remains Madness
10:39 Heart of a coward Decay
10:34 Bleeding through Love lost in a hail of gun fire
10:30 Annisokay Ultraviolet
10:26 Wage war Death roll
10:22 Bullet for my valentine You want a battle? (here's a war)
10:17 August burns red Backfire
10:14 Callejon Gottficker
10:10 The amity affliction Don't lean on me
10:07 Texas in july False divinity
10:04 I prevail Lifelines
10:00 A day to remember Last chance to dance (bad friend)
9:57 Killswitch engage When darkness falls
9:52 Jinjer Cloud factory
9:48 Motionless in white Cyberhex
9:43 Parkway drive Crushed
9:39 Allt Emanate
9:34 Architects Doomsday
9:31 Blessthefall Wake the dead
9:26 Bleed from within Alive
9:23 Attack attack! (us) Stick stickly
9:18 Trivium Amongst the shadows & the stones
9:14 In this moment Ashes
9:10 Beartooth Body bag
9:07 Knocked loose Deep in the willow
9:03 Caliban Scream from the abyss
9:00 Fit for a king God of fire
8:57 Attila About that life
8:53 Betraying the martyrs Black hole
8:49 We came as romans Tracing back roots
8:47 We butter the bread with butter N!ce
8:43 Rising insane Bend and break
8:39 The dillinger escape plan Symptom of terminal illness
8:36 Bring me the horizon Dear diary,
8:34 Every time i die The new black
8:31 Spiritbox Angel eyes
8:27 Electric callboy Hurricane
8:23 As i lay dying Through struggle
8:20 Sleeping with sirens feat. spencer chamberlain Crosses
8:16 Straight line stitch Taste of ashes (feat. jamey jasta)
8:11 Parkway drive Romance is dead
8:08 Kill the lights Hear you scream
8:03 A day to remember Bullfight
8:00 Imminence Infectious
7:56 Crown the empire Sudden sky
7:52 Any given day Home is where the heart is
7:48 Skarlett riot Gravity
7:45 Bury tomorrow Boltcutter
7:41 The ghost inside Move me
7:37 Landmvrks Scars (feat. novelists fr)
7:33 Atreyu The remembrance ballad
7:30 Wolves at the gate Heathens
7:25 Tenside As above so below
7:22 Like moths to flames Nowhere left to sink
7:17 Dreamshade Lightbringers
7:15 Setyøursails feat. andreas dörner Nightfall
7:04 Oceans ate alaska Vultures & sharks
7:01 August burns red Vengeance
7:00 Motionless in white feat. bryan garris of knocked loose Slaughterhouse
6:49 Spiritbox Constance
6:45 Demon hunter On my side
6:41 Coldrain Evolve
6:39 Northlane Talking heads
6:26 The devil wears prada Hey john, what's your name again?
6:23 Aviana Rage
6:19 Jinjer Just another
6:14 Trivium Pull harder on the strings of your martyr
6:10 Ice nine kills Meat & greet
6:07 Wage war Alive
6:03 Motionless in white Thoughts & prayers
5:57 Heaven shall burn Valhalla
5:54 Callejon Sternenstaub
5:49 A day to remember Sometimes you're the hammer, sometimes you're the nail
5:47 Sharptooth M.p.d.b (manic pixie dream bitch)
5:44 Ghost iris Paper tiger
5:41 Stick to your guns Delinelle
5:39 Silverstein Infinite (feat. aaron gillespie)
5:35 Bring me the horizon The house of wolves
5:32 Our hollow, our home Downpour
5:28 The acacia strain Chhinnamasta
5:25 Miss may i Under fire
5:21 Light the torch Wilting in the light
5:17 Spiritbox Cellar door
5:14 We came as romans Ghosts
5:11 Beartooth Doubt me
5:07 Caliban We are the many
5:03 Make them suffer Erase me
4:59 Blessthefall Hollow bodies
4:56 Memphis may fire Death inside
4:52 The word alive Misery
4:49 In this moment Blood
4:45 Crown the empire Red pills
4:42 Adept The ivory tower
4:40 Jesus piece Gates of horn
4:36 Electric callboy My own summer
4:33 Underoath Lifeline (drowning)
4:29 Of mice & men Timeless
4:25 Reflections Pseudo
4:21 Bleed from within Pathfinder
4:17 Walls of jericho Fight the good fight
4:13 Alazka Blossom
4:09 Imminence Desolation
4:05 I prevail Scars
4:00 August burns red & jesse leach Ancestry
3:57 Annisokay Stfu
3:52 Killswitch engage The end of heartache
3:48 Eyes set to kill Darling
3:44 Architects Animals
3:40 Parkway drive Wild eyes
3:37 Bleeding through Fade into the ash
3:33 Feed her to the sharks Buried alive
3:30 The ghost inside Death grip
3:26 The plot in you Paid in full
3:23 Heaven shall burn The omen
3:20 Knocked loose By the grave
3:17 Spiritbox Holy roller
3:12 Norma jean 1,000,000 watts
3:09 Better lovers 30 under 13
3:04 Trivium Other worlds
3:00 Erra Snowblood
2:55 The sorrow Crossing jordan
2:50 Callejon Monroe
2:46 Infected rain Fighter
2:42 As i lay dying Nothing left
2:39 Bury tomorrow The age
2:35 The devil wears prada This song is called
2:32 Atreyu (i)
2:29 Sink the ship Demons
2:24 Breakdown of sanity Story of a stranger
2:21 While she sleeps Eye to eye
2:17 Straight line stitch Laughing in the rearview
2:13 The dillinger escape plan Milk lizard
2:10 Of mice & men Castaway
2:07 Poison the well Nerdy
2:03 Alt. Apep (feat. jack bergin)
1:59 The amity affliction Lost & fading
1:56 Crystal lake Curse
1:52 For the fallen dreams Resolvent feelings
1:48 Caliban Intoleranz
1:45 Currents Second skin
1:41 Like moths to flames Bury your pain
1:38 Any given day Taking over me
1:34 Architects Doomsday
1:30 Tenside Shadow to shine
1:25 Northlane Citizen
1:22 Our hollow, our home Monochrome
1:18 In this moment Next life
1:14 Parkway drive It's so hard to speak without a tongue
1:09 Polaris Nightmare
1:05 Unearth Zombie autopilot
1:01 August burns red Ties that bind
0:57 Texas in july Sweetest poison
0:54 Sleeping with sirens Bloody knuckles
0:52 Stick to your guns Married to the noise
0:41 Emmure Demons with ryu
0:37 Bullet for my valentine No more tears to cry
0:33 All that remains This calling
0:30 Electric callboy Everytime we touch (tekkno version)
0:27 Upon a burning body Snake eyes
0:23 Beartooth Aggressive
0:20 Alpha wolf Akudama
0:17 Spiritbox Circle with me
0:13 The ghost inside Mercy
0:10 Never back down Feed me your lies
0:06 Bring me the horizon It never ends
0:01 Imminence Paralyzed