RADIO BOB! Harte Saite Playlist

RADIO BOB! Harte Saite

Welche Songs wurden heute auf radio BOB! Harte Saite gespielt? Auf dieser Seite finden Sie eine Playlist mit einem Zeitplan für die letzten 7 Tage.

Zeit Artist Titel
21:43 Sepultura I am the enemy
21:39 Queensrÿche Walk in the shadows
21:29 Manowar The lord of steel
21:27 Immunity Creatures
20:59 Creed What if
20:41 Metallica Sad but true
20:32 Amorphis Sacrifice
20:27 Godsmack Mistakes
20:26 Metal church Dead on the vine
20:07 Subway to sally Das schwarze meer
20:04 Krokus Axx attack
19:50 Avatar God of sick dreams
19:48 Alice in chains Stone
19:28 Haste the day When everything falls
19:25 Fever 333 Bite back
19:24 Anthrax Suzerain
19:08 Ugly kid joe Madman
19:01 Volbeat Magic zone
18:56 Turbonegro Good head
18:53 From ashes to new Panic
18:51 The amity affliction Drag the lake
18:17 Lord of the lost Full metal whore
18:12 Sabaton Ghost division
18:10 Nevermore Emptiness unobstructed
17:51 Die ärzte Cpt. metal
17:47 Serj tankian Empty walls
17:33 Dance gavin dance feat. rob damiani Synergy
17:26 Amon amarth Crack the sky
17:22 Black lable society Overlord
17:19 Caligula's horse The tempest
16:59 Feuerschwanz feat. angus mcfife, saltatio mortis & melissa bonny Warriors of the world united
16:55 System of a down Toxicity
16:49 Limp bizkit Shotgun
16:46 Tool Ænema
16:24 Arch enemy Never forgive, never forget
16:03 Muse Kill or be killed
15:37 Slayer War ensemble
15:34 Brothers of metal Njord
15:33 In flames Deliver us
15:10 Emigrate Eat you alive (feat. frank a. dellé)
15:06 Mötley crüe Afraid
15:03 Beartooth Devastation
14:22 Overkill Head of a pin
14:19 We are the ocean Do it together
13:35 Emil bulls The jaws of oblivion
13:32 Metallica The unforgiven iii
13:14 Three days grace Break
13:05 Pretty maids Needles in the dark
13:02 Callejon Blut
12:54 Motörhead Heartbreaker
12:50 Slipknot Don't get close
12:46 Korn H@rd3r
12:43 Stratovarius Millennium
12:12 Sevendust Shine
12:04 Dio Holy diver
11:42 Children of bodom Silent night, bodom night
11:31 Hypocrisy End of disclosure
11:28 The haunted Trenches
11:24 Twilight force Dawn of the dragonstar
11:22 Fear factory Soul hacker
10:51 Judas priest Leather rebel
10:35 Evanescence Everybody's fool