RADIO BOB! Grunge Playlist


Welche Songs wurden heute auf radio BOB! Grunge gespielt? Auf dieser Seite finden Sie eine Playlist mit einem Zeitplan für die letzten 7 Tage.

Zeit Artist Titel
18:55 The mighty mighty bosstones The impression that i get
18:51 Foo fighters Everlong
18:47 Soundgarden Spoonman
18:43 Hammerbox Ask why
18:40 Garbage Only happy when it rains
18:36 Puddle of mudd Away from me
18:33 Stone temple pilots Dancing days
18:28 Faith no more Epic
18:24 Sonic youth Kool thing
18:21 The presidents of the united states of america Peaches
18:18 The smashing pumpkins Clones (we're all)
18:16 Pavement Cut your hair
18:13 Alice in chains Them bones
18:08 Candlebox You
18:04 Nirvana Heart-shaped box
17:59 The verve pipe Cup of tea
17:57 Mudhoney Touch me i'm sick
17:54 Silverchair Suicidal dream
17:50 Dinosaur jr. Feel the pain
17:43 Soundgarden Like suicide
17:37 Live Lightning crashes
17:32 Pearl jam Alive
17:27 Stone temple pilots Silvergun superman
17:23 Blind melon No rain
17:19 Audioslave Doesn't remind me
17:15 Seether I'll survive
17:11 Bush Letting the cables sleep
17:08 Anouk Nobody's wife
17:03 Nirvana Smells like teen spirit
17:00 Foo fighters M.i.a.
16:57 Hole Rock star
16:52 Dinosaur jr. The wagon
16:48 Alice in chains Your decision
16:44 Candlebox Far behind
16:39 The smashing pumpkins Siva
16:36 Radiohead Creep
16:32 Pearl jam Rats
16:28 Stone temple pilots Big empty
16:22 Mad season Slip away
16:18 Bush Mouth
16:14 Pixies Where is my mind?
16:11 Nirvana Breed
16:08 Fountains of wayne Sink to the bottom
16:03 Alice in chains Sea of sorrow
16:00 Mudhoney Move under
15:21 Nirvana Lithium
15:17 L7 Pretend we're dead
15:13 Temple of the dog Your savior
15:10 Foo fighters Breakout
15:05 The smashing pumpkins Cherub rock
15:01 Candlebox Happy pills
14:59 Screaming trees Bed of roses
14:56 Pearl jam Last kiss
14:51 Faith no more We care a lot
14:47 Alice in chains The one you know
14:42 Dinosaur jr. Start choppin
14:34 The lemonheads Mrs. robinson
14:29 Stone temple pilots Piece of pie
14:25 Silverchair Tomorrow
14:22 Marcy playground Sex and candy
14:19 Hole Violet
14:14 Counting crows Round here
14:10 Creed What's this life for
14:07 Butthole surfers Who was in my room last night?
14:02 Soundgarden Black hole sun
13:59 Nine inch nails Everything
13:55 Radiohead Just
13:51 Audioslave Be yourself
13:48 No doubt Just a girl
13:44 Bush Everything zen
13:41 Dinosaur jr. Just like heaven
13:36 Alice in chains Stone
13:32 The verve pipe The freshmen
13:28 Temple of the dog Pushin' forward back
13:24 Puddle of mudd Control
13:20 Days of the new Shelf in the room
13:17 Pearl jam Go
13:14 P.o.t.u.s.o.a. Lump
13:12 Sonic youth 100%
13:08 The cranberries Zombie
13:05 Nirvana Blew
12:59 Tool Ænema
12:55 Bush Swallowed
12:47 The smashing pumpkins Disarm
12:43 Screaming trees Nearly lost you
12:38 Alice in chains Heaven beside you
12:34 Mudhoney Sweet young thing ain't sweet no more
12:31 Silverchair Miss you love
12:26 Pearl jam Even flow
12:23 Live I alone
12:20 Hole Miss world
12:17 Faith no more Easy
12:14 Nirvana Stain
12:09 The wallflowers One headlight
12:06 Bush Glycerine
12:02 Dinosaur jr. Freak scene
11:58 Blind melon Wishing well
11:54 The smashing pumpkins Rocket
11:50 Green river Together we'll never
11:45 Soundgarden Burden in my hand