RADIO BOB! Gothic Rock Playlist

RADIO BOB! Gothic Rock

Welche Songs wurden heute auf radio BOB! Gothic Rock gespielt? Auf dieser Seite finden Sie eine Playlist mit einem Zeitplan für die letzten 7 Tage.

Zeit Artist Titel
18:57 Tiamat Brighter than the sun
18:52 She past away Kasvetli kutlama
18:49 The fright Illusion
18:45 Katatonia Austerity
18:41 Oomph! Brennende liebe
18:38 Escape with romeo Physical
18:34 Lacrimas profundere Ave end
18:31 Vv Echolocate your love
18:26 Still patient? Hell and back
18:23 Silver dust It's time
18:17 Whispering sons Time
18:14 Merciful nuns Radiation
18:10 Actors Slaves
18:07 Charon As we die
18:03 End of green De(ad)generation
17:59 Grave pleasures Violenece of the night
17:52 Theatre of tragedy Siren
17:46 London after midnight Shatter (all my dead friends)
17:42 Switchblade symphony Bad trash
17:39 Lord of the lost The curtain falls
17:33 Sopor aeternus & the ensemble of shadows Dead souls
17:27 Type o negative Summer breeze
17:23 Moonspell Abysmo
17:17 Brendan perry Utopia
17:12 Fliehende stürme Das bild
17:07 Tiamat Vote for love
17:01 The vision bleak Into the unknown
16:58 Lacrimas profundere Like screams in empty halls
16:54 A projection Transition
16:51 Aeverium Break out
16:46 Evanescence Snow white queen
16:42 Still patient? Drag me down
16:37 Diary of dreams Epicon
16:34 Deathstars Death dies hard
16:30 The cascades Phoenix
16:26 Frank the baptist Like vandals did (when in rome)
16:22 Peter murphy The prince & old lady shade
16:19 Carach angren Monster
16:16 Cocteau twins Cherry-coloured funk
16:13 Fields of the nephilim For her light
16:09 Blutengel Lebe deinen traum
16:06 Lord of the lost I of the storm (feat. adrienne cowan)
16:01 Darkseed I turn to you
15:57 Denigrate Tonight
15:53 Principe valiente The night
15:50 Placebo Twenty years
15:46 Unto others Downtown
15:42 Him Gone with the sin
15:38 The cure In between days
15:34 Katatonia Atrium
15:31 Rosetta stone The witch
15:28 Evanescence Part of me
15:22 Depeche mode Walking in my shoes
15:16 The 69 eyes Hell has no mercy
15:11 She past away Rituel
15:07 Lacrimas profundere The letter
15:03 Killing joke Kings and queens
14:59 And one Steine sind steine
14:53 Tristania My lost lenore
14:43 Mortal love I want to die
14:33 Tiamat Whatever that hurts
14:29 The cult Spiritwalker
14:25 Motionless in white Necessary evil (feat. jonathan davis)
14:19 Clan of xymox A day
14:14 Xmal deutschland Mondlicht
14:10 Depeche mode A question of time
14:05 Moonspell Handmadegod
14:01 The 69 eyes Gotta rock
13:56 Alien sex fiend I walk the line
13:52 Lacrimas profundere The vastness of infinity
13:45 The sisters of mercy Dominion / mother russia
13:42 Bauhaus Dark entries
13:36 Lord of the lost Priest
13:30 Type o negative Life is killing me
13:26 Placebo Running up that hill
13:23 3teeth Degrade
13:18 Project pitchfork Rain
13:14 Him Strange world
13:11 This mortal coil Another day
13:08 Nemesea No more
13:04 Zeraphine Louisa
12:58 Dead can dance The host of seraphim
12:53 L'âme immortelle Aus den ruinen
12:50 Evanescence Broken pieces shine
12:46 The 69 eyes Lost boys
12:40 De/vision Who am i
12:35 Saturnus Lost my way
12:32 Zeromancer Send me an angel
12:27 Two witches Requiem
12:23 Lord of the lost Full metal whore
12:19 Joy division Atmosphere
12:15 Play dead Witnesses
12:11 Rain diary Flowers
12:07 Unto others When will gods work be done
12:02 The eden house To believe in something (feat. monica richards)
11:58 Unheilig Abwärts
11:54 Deine lakaien Satellite
11:51 Him In joy and sorrow
11:45 Theatre of tragedy Venus
11:41 Still patient? Misery galore