RADIO BOB! Gothic Rock Playlist

RADIO BOB! Gothic Rock

Welche Songs wurden heute auf radio BOB! Gothic Rock gespielt? Auf dieser Seite finden Sie eine Playlist mit einem Zeitplan für die letzten 7 Tage.

Zeit Artist Titel
6:13 Clan of xymox A day
6:09 End of green De(ad)generation
6:07 Anne clark Weltschmerz
6:03 Lord of the lost Dry the rain
6:00 Fear cult time...
5:55 Placebo Blind
5:52 Lacrimas profundere Like screams in empty halls
5:48 Depeche mode Never let me down again
5:43 L'âme immortelle Aus den ruinen
5:39 Type o negative My grilfriends girlfriend
5:34 Phantoms of future Around the world
5:31 The 69 eyes Jet fighter plane
5:26 Him Gone with the sin
5:20 Draconian End of the robe
5:17 Ash code Empty room
5:13 The southern death cult Moya
5:08 Siouxsie & the banshees The passenger
5:03 Katatonia Behind the blood
5:00 Mephisto walz Painted black
4:55 Alien sex fiend I walk the line
4:51 Cellar darling Avalanche
4:46 Whispering sons Wall
4:40 Girls under glass Reach for the stars
4:37 Umbra et imago Lieber gott
4:33 Cocteau twins Cherry-coloured funk
4:30 Inkubus sukkubus Heart of lilith
4:26 Rosetta stone Leave me for dead
4:22 Saturnus Lost my way
4:18 The jesus and mary chain April skies
4:14 Peter murphy The prince & old lady shade
4:10 A black rainbow The inbetween
4:06 Evanescence Snow white queen
4:02 The birthday massacre Kill the lights
3:58 The cure Fascination street
3:54 Die kreatur Unzertrennlich
3:48 Tristania My lost lenore
3:46 Anne clark The sitting room
3:42 The sisters of mercy Black planet
3:38 Paradise lost Blood and chaos
3:35 Siouxsie & the banshees The staircase (mystery)
3:30 Beseech Between the lines
3:26 Babylon whores Life fades away
3:23 Lord of the lost Loreley
3:20 This mortal coil Another day
3:15 Asp Krabat
3:09 The jesus and mary chain Reverence
3:05 Unsun Whispers
3:02 Then comes silence Strange kicks
2:56 The vision bleak Into the unknown
2:52 Denigrate Tonight
2:46 Diary of dreams Sinferno
2:42 Still patient? The ghosts of tides
2:38 Motionless in white Necessary evil (feat. jonathan davis)
2:34 Blutengel Lebe deinen traum
2:30 The 69 eyes Black orchid
2:26 Zeromancer Send me an angel
2:20 Theatre of tragedy Siren
2:17 Switchblade symphony Bad trash
2:11 And one Military fashion show
2:08 Joy division Transmission
2:04 Unto others Downtown
2:02 Grave pleasures Infatuation overkill
1:57 Bauhaus Double dare
1:52 Eden weint im grab Die jenseitsflugmaschine
1:48 3teeth Nihil
1:45 The beauty of gemina Apologise
1:41 Fields of the nephilim Prophecy
1:38 Evanescence The change
1:33 The cure Lullaby
1:30 London after midnight The black cat ('03 mix)
1:25 Still patient? Hell and back
1:22 Cellar darling Freeze
1:18 Gary numan The end of things
1:12 Two witches Requiem
1:09 Siouxsie & the banshees Dear prudence
1:05 The 69 eyes Devils
1:01 Aeverium Break out
0:58 The mission Dream on
0:53 Paradise lost Ghosts
0:49 Deine lakaien Down, down, down
0:43 The march violets Lights go out
0:38 Tiamat Cain
0:34 Escape with romeo Physical
0:30 Big electric cat Rebecca
0:26 Zeraphine Be my rain
0:22 Lacrimosa Lichtgestalt
0:18 Frank the baptist Like vandals did (when in rome)
0:14 Placebo Twenty years
0:10 Joy division New dawn fades
0:05 Denigrate Kiss, wound, gone
0:00 Still patient? The man