RADIO BOB! Gothic Rock Playlist

RADIO BOB! Gothic Rock

Welche Songs wurden heute auf radio BOB! Gothic Rock gespielt? Auf dieser Seite finden Sie eine Playlist mit einem Zeitplan für die letzten 7 Tage.

Zeit Artist Titel
16:49 Play dead Burning down
16:45 Lord of the lost Leave your hate in the comments
16:42 Beyond the black Love me forever
16:37 Project pitchfork Volcano
16:34 Nemesea No more
16:31 Still patient? Seconds of fame
16:27 Him The funeral of hearts
16:21 Moonspell Breathe (until we are no more)
16:16 Depeche mode Useless
16:13 Placebo Blind
16:08 Blutengel Black
16:04 Lacuna coil Enjoy the silence
16:00 Wolfskull Incarnadine
15:56 Frank the baptist Like vandals did (when in rome)
15:52 Oomph! The power of love
15:49 Lacrimas profundere My velvet little darkness
15:44 The vision bleak The call of the banshee
15:39 Bauhaus She's in parties
15:35 Type o negative Black no. 1
15:31 The march violets Slow drip lizard
15:28 Ost+front Bitte schlag mich
15:23 Cellar darling Avalanche
15:18 Escape with romeo Refuge
15:14 Lord of the lost The measure of all things
15:08 Clan of xymox A day
15:03 Tiamat Vote for love
15:00 Mephisto walz Painted black
14:56 London after midnight The black cat ('03 mix)
14:52 Silver dust The unknown soldier
14:46 Blind passengers Bring me down
14:42 Actors Slaves
14:39 Katatonia Austerity
14:37 Mono inc. Children of the dark
14:23 Vv In trenodia
14:20 Unto others No children laughing now
14:16 This mortal coil Song to the siren
14:12 Schwarzer engel Schwarze sonne
14:08 Lebanon hanover Sadness is rebellion
14:04 Lacrimas profundere The vastness of infinity
14:00 The 69 eyes Cheyenna
13:57 Him In joy and sorrow
13:52 Tribulation Funeral pyre
13:48 Placebo Kings of medicine
13:43 Diary of dreams Epicon
13:39 Enemy inside Summer son
13:32 The sisters of mercy Dominion / mother russia
13:29 Grave pleasures Violenece of the night
13:23 Lord of the lost Priest
13:18 The crüxshadows Deception
13:15 Merciful nuns Radiation
13:11 Deine lakaien My shadows
13:06 Moonspell 2econd skin
13:02 The mission Dream on
12:58 Editors Life is a fear
12:55 The cascades Dark daughter's diary
12:49 Nachtblut Das puppenhaus
12:44 Brendan perry Utopia
12:40 The cure In between days
12:36 Lacrimas profundere Unseen
12:32 Diva destruction The broken ones
12:27 The vision bleak By our brotherhood with seth
12:22 Theatre of tragedy Venus
12:17 Love like blood Kiss & tell
12:13 Oomph! Brennende liebe
12:10 A projection Transition
12:07 3teeth Nihil
12:00 The 69 eyes Hell has no mercy
11:56 Siouxsie & the banshees Swimming horses
11:52 Still patient? Hell and back
11:47 Katatonia Shifts
11:44 Placebo Twenty years
11:40 Switchblade symphony Bad trash
11:36 Umbra et imago Feuer und licht
11:32 The sisters of mercy Alice
11:27 Depeche mode Where's the revolution
11:24 The wake Locomotive age
11:20 Lord of the lost Full metal whore
11:16 Bauhaus Dark entries
11:12 Vv Loveletting
11:07 Gary numan M.e.
11:03 Denigrate Exit the lake suicide
10:59 Darkseed Disbeliever
10:54 Xmal deutschland Mondlicht
10:49 Tiamat Cain
10:46 45 grave Evil
10:41 Dead can dance The host of seraphim
10:36 Katatonia Serein
10:32 Zeraphine Inside your arms
10:27 The march violets Lights go out
10:23 Lacrimas profundere A cloak woven of stars
10:20 Siouxsie & the banshees Dear prudence
10:14 Mono inc. Revenge
10:13 Anne clark The sitting room
10:06 Theatre of tragedy Cassandra
10:02 Mono inc. Princess of the night
9:58 Blutengel Lebe deinen traum
9:54 Lord of the lost And it was night
9:49 Saturnus Lost my way
9:45 Christian death Romeo's distress
9:41 Diary of dreams Endless nights
9:37 Agathodaimon Serpent's embrace
9:32 The eden house To believe in something (feat. monica richards)
9:28 Babylon whores Life fades away
9:23 Katatonia Opaline
9:20 Lebanon hanover Your fork moves
9:16 Mortal love I make the mistake
9:11 Principe valiente The night
9:07 Type o negative Nettie
9:02 Paradise lost No hope in sight
8:57 Tribulation Leviathans
8:54 A black rainbow The inbetween
8:50 Big electric cat Rebecca
8:47 Grave pleasures New hip moon
8:43 The 69 eyes Drive
8:39 Depeche mode World in my eyes
8:35 Evanescence Part of me
8:29 London after midnight Shatter (all my dead friends)
8:25 Lacrimas profundere You, my north
8:19 Project pitchfork Acid ocean
8:15 Fear cult Drop dead
8:09 The cure Burn
8:04 Tiamat Whatever that hurts
8:00 The cascades This world is yours
7:56 Editors Eat raw meat = blood drool
7:52 The merry thoughts Low violet
7:46 Tristania My lost lenore
7:43 Silver dust The witches dance
7:40 Joy division Disorder
7:36 Katatonia My twin
7:31 Still patient? The ghosts of tides
7:28 This mortal coil Kangaroo
7:24 The 69 eyes Black orchid
7:20 Umbra et imago Lieber gott
7:17 Actors Ptl (post traumatic love)
7:12 The birthday massacre Pins and needles
7:01 The sisters of mercy This corrosion
7:00 Grave pleasures Infatuation overkill
6:54 Evanescence Broken pieces shine
6:50 The jesus and mary chain Here comes alice
6:47 Vv Run away from the sun
6:44 Moonspell Opium
6:41 Screams for tina Eleven eleven
6:30 Untoten Henriette
6:25 Brendan perry Wintersun
6:21 Unto others Downtown
6:16 Depeche mode It's no good
6:12 The 69 eyes Gotta rock
6:08 Escape with romeo Physical
6:04 Lacrimas profundere Ave end
6:00 Pig Prey & obey
5:55 Siouxsie & the banshees The passenger
5:51 Placebo Running up that hill
5:47 Theatre of tragedy Storm
5:44 Then comes silence She loves the night
5:39 Blutengel Children of the night
5:36 Evanescence Haunted
5:31 Beseech Between the lines
5:28 Zeromancer Send me an angel
5:23 Mono inc. After the war
5:18 Whispering sons Time
5:15 Vv The foreverlost
5:10 Love like blood Shed your skin
5:07 Lord of the lost Prologue
5:03 The 69 eyes Death of darkness
4:59 Paradise lost Ghosts
4:54 Deine lakaien Satellite
4:50 Big electric cat Bed of nails
4:46 Denigrate Tonight
4:41 Darkseed I turn to you
4:38 The beauty of gemina Apologise
4:34 3teeth Pearls 2 swine
4:30 Babylon whores Sol niger
4:24 Moonspell Vampiria
4:20 Anne clark Sleeper in metropolis
4:17 The cascades Phoenix
4:14 Depeche mode Going backwards
4:02 The mission Within the deepest darkness (fearful)
3:59 Charon Little angel
3:54 Clan of xymox Louise
3:51 Placebo Infra-red
3:47 Carach angren Monster
3:43 Ost+front Mensch
3:37 The cure Lovesong
3:33 Type o negative I don't wanna be me
3:30 Him Poison girl
3:26 Editors Sugar
3:23 Christian death Spiritual cramp
3:19 Dope stars inc. Neuromantics
3:15 She past away Sanri
3:11 Grave pleasures Be my hiroshima
3:05 Draconian End of the robe
3:01 The 69 eyes Call me snake
2:57 Depeche mode Behind the wheel (shep pettibone mix)
2:54 The march violets Religious as hell
2:50 Evanescence Snow white queen
2:45 The sisters of mercy Lucretia my reflection (vinyl version)
2:41 Siouxsie & the banshees Jigsaw feeling
2:34 Tristania A sequel of decay
2:30 Danse society Somewhere
2:26 And one Steine sind steine
2:23 Motionless in white Necessary evil (feat. jonathan davis)
2:19 Deine lakaien Down, down, down
2:13 Girls under glass Reach for the stars
2:09 Phantoms of future Around the world
2:05 Lacrimas profundere Celestite woman
2:01 The birthday massacre Kill the lights
1:56 The cure A forest
1:50 Vv Salute the sanguine
1:45 Mono inc. Voices of doom
1:43 Play dead This side of heaven
1:38 Depeche mode Never let me down again
1:33 Moonspell Handmadegod
1:30 Zeromancer Dr. online
1:25 Lord of the lost Leave your hate in the comments
1:20 The jesus and mary chain Reverence
1:16 Unheilig Eisenmann
1:12 Ash code Nite rite
1:07 Evanescence Wasted on you
1:03 Babylon whores Omega therion
0:54 Mortal love I want to die
0:51 3teeth Shutdown
0:47 Him Wicked game
0:42 Fliehende stürme Entstehen und verschwinden
0:38 Tribulation Hour of the wolf
0:34 Pig Pain is god
0:29 Depeche mode Walking in my shoes
0:23 Vv Neon noir
0:20 Lacrimas profundere Unseen
0:16 Bauhaus All we ever wanted was everything
0:11 Crematory Black celebration
0:06 Gary numan The end of things
0:03 Lord of the lost Blood & glitter
0:01 Rosetta stone The witch