RADIO BOB! Death Metal Playlist

RADIO BOB! Death Metal

Welche Songs wurden heute auf radio BOB! Death Metal gespielt? Auf dieser Seite finden Sie eine Playlist mit einem Zeitplan für die letzten 7 Tage.

Zeit Artist Titel
7:13 Death Open casket
7:10 Behemoth Prometherion
7:04 Carcass The living dead at the manchester morgue
6:59 Atrocity Shadowtaker
6:55 Darkthrone Old star
6:51 Deicide In the minds of evil
6:44 At the gates The fall into time
6:40 Negator Dignity of war
6:35 Omnium gatherum Frontiers
6:31 Dawn of disease Worship the grave
6:26 Darkwoods my betrothed Black fog and poison wind
6:22 Bloodbath Putrefying corpse
6:18 Baest Necro sapiens
6:10 Netherbird Hinterlands
6:06 Legion of the damned Pray & suffer
6:02 Cannibal corpse The bleeding
5:56 Voodoo gods Rise of the antichrist
5:53 Behemoth Evoe
5:50 Hackneyed Deatholution
5:46 Six feet under Silent violence
5:40 Stormruler Upon frozed shores
5:35 Amon amarth Valhall awaits me
5:31 Anaal nathrakh Forward!
5:27 Immortal Sons of northern darkness
5:22 Dark tranquillity The grandest accusation
5:17 Neaera Plagueheritage
5:08 Uada Snakes & vultures
5:04 Septicflesh Titan
5:00 Hypocrisy Eraser
4:52 Schammasch Metanoia
4:49 Discreation Iron times
4:44 Tribulation Axis mundi
4:41 Naglfar Cerecloth
4:35 Baest Gargoyles (feat. trevor strnad & the black dahlia murder)
4:30 Evocation Divine and conquer
4:27 Arch enemy The race
4:23 Enslaved The watcher
4:19 Amon amarth Twilight of the thunder god
4:16 Cannibal corpse Overlords of violence
4:12 Bathory Woman of dark desires
4:07 Bolt thrower When cannons fade
4:03 Frozen soul Invisible tormentor
3:57 Harakiri for the sky Burning from both ends
3:52 Bodyfarm Angelreaper
3:47 The agonist Remnants in time
3:42 Abbath Outstrider
3:38 Dark tranquillity Forward momentum
3:32 Entombed Left hand path
3:27 Night crowned No room for hope
3:20 Apallic Perishing void
3:16 Suffocation Pierced from within
3:11 Batushka Wieczernia
3:07 Children of bodom Are you dead yet
3:03 Daath Above lucium
2:58 Nile Lashed to the slave stick
2:55 Amon amarth The great heathen army
2:51 Satyricon K.i.n.g
2:47 Devildriver Pray for villians
2:44 Cannibal corpse Red before black
2:39 Gaahls wyrd From the spear
2:35 Crypta From the ashes
2:30 Hiraes Eyes over black
2:26 The black dahlia murder Nightbringers
2:22 Stormruler At the cliffs of azure city
2:17 Fallujah The void alone
2:14 Immolation The distorting light
2:09 Dimmu borgir Council of wolves and snakes
2:04 Morbid angel Fall from grace
2:00 At the gates Slaughter of the soul
1:53 Imperium dekadenz Pure nocturnal rome
1:50 Hypocrisy Still born
1:46 Amon amarth Destroyer of the universe
1:41 Bornholm I am war god
1:37 Hideous divinity Mysterium tremendum
1:32 Carcass The granulating dark satanic mills
1:28 Six feet under Feasting on the blood of the insane
1:24 Behemoth Rom 5:8
1:19 Wolfheart Skull soldiers
1:14 Septicflesh Martyr
1:08 Cradle of filth From the cradle to enslave
1:03 Belphegor Conjuring the dead
0:59 Dawn of disease Procession of ghosts
0:55 Mystic circle Belial is my name
0:51 Death Pull the plug
0:46 Neaera Synergy
0:41 Immortal One by one
0:36 Tribulation Melancholia
0:31 Children of bodom Downfall
0:27 Dimmu borgir Gateways
0:21 Amon amarth Fafner's gold
0:17 Kataklysm The black sheep
0:11 Schammasch In dialogue with death
0:06 Necrophobic Mirror black
0:02 Destinity Only way