RADIO BOB! Death Metal Playlist

RADIO BOB! Death Metal

Welche Songs wurden heute auf radio BOB! Death Metal gespielt? Auf dieser Seite finden Sie eine Playlist mit einem Zeitplan für die letzten 7 Tage.

Zeit Artist Titel
20:39 Batushka Pierwyi czas
20:34 Hypocrisy Worship
20:29 Entombed Living dead
20:26 Daath Ovum
20:21 Illdisposed Now we're history
20:13 Watain They rode on
20:08 Vredehammer Light the fucking sky
20:03 The agonist Remnants in time
19:57 Emperor I am the black wizards
19:51 Hideous divinity Acheron, stream of woe
19:43 Be'lakor Hidden window
19:38 Bornholm Spiritual warfare
19:35 Obituary Slowly we rot
19:31 Baest Meathook massacre
19:27 Deserted fear The carnage
19:24 Dimmu borgir Puritania
19:20 Kataklysm Elevate
19:16 Children of bodom Are you dead yet
19:11 Behemoth Ecclesia diabolica catholica
19:07 Neaera Plagueheritage
19:02 Orbit culture Saw
18:57 Tribulation Cries from the underworld
18:53 Napalm death Cesspits
18:50 Bathory Reaper
18:46 Frozen soul Invisible tormentor
18:41 Cannibal corpse Inhumane harvest
18:38 Mayhem Buried by time and dust
18:33 Kreator Satan is real
18:30 Hypocrisy Roswell 47
18:25 Imperium dekadenz Forests in gale
18:20 Insomnium Valediction
18:15 Amon amarth Get in the ring
18:09 Stormlord Mare nostrum
18:05 Belphegor Gasmask terror
18:00 Dying fetus Grotesque impalement
17:11 Death Open casket
17:05 Sulphur The force of our fall
16:58 Shining Svart ostoppbar eld
16:54 At the gates Spectre of extinction
16:47 Lorna shore Immortal
16:39 Netherbird Hinterlands
16:35 Parasite inc. This world
16:30 Evocation Divine and conquer
16:26 Nightrage Death-like silence
16:21 Bathory Woman of dark desires
16:18 Nile Liber stellae rubeae
16:14 Deserted fear The fall of leaden skies
16:10 Gorgoroth Burn in his light
16:06 Amon amarth The great heathen army
16:02 Destinity Only way
15:59 Vader Triumph of death
15:52 Mayhem Freezing moon
15:48 Dark tranquillity The grandest accusation
15:43 Possessed Shadowcult
15:38 Immortal Northern chaos gods
15:35 The black dahlia murder Verminous
15:32 The halo effect Shadowminds
15:27 Behemoth Rom 5:8
15:21 Apallic Perishing void
15:16 In flames The jester race
15:11 Dimmu borgir Cataclysm children
15:07 Asphyx The nameless elite
15:03 Children of bodom Roundtrip to hell and back
14:57 Der weg einer freiheit Morgen
14:51 Tribulation The lament
14:47 Fallujah The void alone
14:40 Mystic circle Dragonslayer
14:36 God dethroned On the wrong side of the wire
14:32 Sulphur aeon Titans
14:28 Obituary Back to one
14:22 Batushka Yekteniya i
14:18 Aborted Retrogore
14:14 Arch enemy Sunset over the empire
14:07 Skogen I döden
14:03 Necrophagist The stillborn one
13:59 Deserted fear Reflect the storm
13:55 Amon amarth Masters of war
13:50 Bornholm Black shining cloaks
13:46 Necrophobic Blinded by light, enlightened by darkness
13:42 Deicide Godkill
13:37 Stormruler Of hollowed souls & distant flame
13:33 Frozen soul Hand of vengeance
13:30 At the gates Cold
13:26 Dawn of disease Worship the grave
13:22 Satyricon K.i.n.g
13:17 Belphegor Stigma diabolicum
13:15 Enforced Ultra-violence
13:10 Behemoth Ora pro nobis lucifer
13:05 Suffocation Pierced from within
13:03 Kataklysm In shadows & dust
12:58 Dark tranquillity Neutrality
12:54 Night crowned No room for hope
12:50 Devildriver Pray for villians
12:46 Children of bodom Wrath within
12:42 Falkenbach Wulfarweijd
12:37 Arch enemy The world is yours
12:33 Mors principium est I am war
12:29 Ex deo I, caligvla
12:25 Dimmu borgir The serpentine offering
12:22 Six feet under Silent violence