RADIO BOB! Death Metal Playlist

RADIO BOB! Death Metal

Welche Songs wurden heute auf radio BOB! Death Metal gespielt? Auf dieser Seite finden Sie eine Playlist mit einem Zeitplan für die letzten 7 Tage.

Zeit Artist Titel
14:49 Enslaved The watcher
14:44 Belphegor Stigma diabolicum
14:42 Deicide When satan rules his world
14:38 Aura noir Son of hades
14:34 In flames My sweet shadow
14:30 Hypocrisy End of disclosure
14:21 Watain They rode on
14:18 Baest Necro sapiens
14:12 The agonist Remnants in time
14:08 Immortal Sons of northern darkness
14:02 Orbit culture North star of nija
14:00 Venom prison Babylon the whore
13:53 Harakiri for the sky Burning from both ends
13:50 Obituary Visions in my head
13:47 Nile Sacrifice unto sebek
13:42 Stormruler At the cliffs of azure city
13:36 Carcass The living dead at the manchester morgue
13:32 Mors principium est I am war
13:23 Mgla Exercises in futility vi
13:20 Children of bodom Silent night, bodom night
13:16 Frozen soul Arctic stranglehold
13:08 Imperium dekadenz Pure nocturnal rome
13:04 Deserted fear The fall of leaden skies
13:00 Disbelief The symbol of death
12:53 Oathbreaker Second son of r.
12:49 Arch enemy Sunset over the empire
12:46 Septicflesh Titan
12:41 Behemoth Ecclesia diabolica catholica
12:36 Obscura Diluvium
12:31 Hiraes Eyes over black
12:29 Six feet under Silent violence
12:23 Gorgoroth Dionysian rite
12:19 Crypta From the ashes
12:15 Death Open casket
12:10 Darkthrone Old star
12:07 Children of bodom Roundtrip to hell and back
12:03 Suffocation Liege of inveracity
11:58 Bloodbath Zombie inferno
11:55 Deicide Godkill
11:52 Dimmu borgir Puritania
11:49 Daath Ovum
11:41 Batushka Wieczernia
11:38 Vader Grand deceiver
11:33 Possessed The exorcist
11:29 Venom prison Defiant to the will of god
11:18 Rotting christ Elthe kyrie
11:14 In flames Dead alone
11:11 Arch enemy The race
11:09 Skeletonwitch This horrifying force
11:05 Illdisposed Ich bin verloren in berlin
11:00 Kataklysm At the edge of the world
10:55 Tribulation Cries from the underworld
10:52 Satyricon K.i.n.g
10:48 Cipher system End my path
10:44 Hypocrisy Roswell 47
10:43 Behemoth Blow your trumpets gabriel
10:37 Parasite inc. Sunset overdrive
10:36 Parasite inc. Sunset overdrive
10:32 At the gates The paradox
10:28 Neaera Plagueheritage
10:24 Destinity Aiming a fist in enmity
10:22 Bathory Necromancy
10:13 Obituary A dying world
10:08 Night crowned No room for hope
10:05 Sentient horror Enter crypts below
10:01 Memoriam War rages on
9:54 Netherbird Windwards
9:51 Amon amarth As loke falls
9:50 Amon amarth As loke falls
9:44 Sulphur The force of our fall
9:40 Mayhem Buried by time and dust
9:37 Arch enemy Nemesis
9:32 Bodyfarm Angelreaper
9:26 Septicflesh Prometheus
9:23 Behemoth Evoe
9:19 Dark tranquillity Haven
9:15 Anaal nathrakh Forward!
9:10 Dimmu borgir Progenies of the great apocalypse
9:06 Kreator Satan is real
9:01 At the gates The fall into time
8:59 At the gates The fall into time
8:54 Stormlord Legacy of the snake
8:49 Children of bodom Downfall
8:46 Possessed Death metal
8:42 Falkenbach Wulfarweijd
8:38 Nile Lashed to the slave stick
8:33 Hypocrisy Fractured millenium
8:27 Tribulation Nightbound
8:23 Thulcandra Fallen angel's dominion
8:19 Dying fetus In the trenches
8:15 Venom prison Slayer of holofernes
8:09 Satyricon To your brethren in the dark
8:01 Amon amarth Masters of war
7:57 Behemoth Ov my herculean exile
7:52 Vredehammer Light the fucking sky
7:47 Bolt thrower When cannons fade
7:40 Shining Svart ostoppbar eld
7:37 Children of bodom Hate crew deathroll
7:32 Necrophobic Mirror black
7:28 At the gates To drink from the night itself