80s80s Italo Disco Playlist

80s80s Italo Disco

Welche Songs wurden heute auf radio 80s80s Italo Disco gespielt? Auf dieser Seite finden Sie eine Playlist mit einem Zeitplan für die letzten 7 Tage.

Zeit Artist Titel
13:21 Scotch Take me up
13:17 Ivan Fotonovela
13:14 P. lion Happy children
13:09 The flirts Helpless (you took my love)
13:06 The hurricanes Only one night
13:04 Gazebo Lunatic
12:59 Torrevado Living in the shuttle
12:55 Lime Your love
12:51 Sabrina Boys (summertime love)
12:45 Waterfront home Take a chance on me
12:41 Miko mission Two for love
12:37 Radiorama Chance to desire
12:32 Fred ventura Wind of change
12:28 Stage Ocean of crime
12:24 Helen Witch
12:20 Gazebo I like chopin
12:16 Grant miller Colder than ice
12:13 The creatures Believe in yourself
12:04 Mr. flagio Take a chance
12:01 Styloo Pretty face
11:57 Max him Lady fantasy
11:50 Alexander robotnick Problèmes d'amour
11:46 Den harrow Charleston
11:40 Fred ventura The years (go by)
11:36 The flirts Passion
11:32 Silver pozzoli Around my dream
11:28 Brando Rainy day
11:24 Tullio de piscopo Stop bajon
11:16 Baby's gang Happy song
11:12 Spagna Every girl and boy
11:07 Lucia Marinero
11:03 Fun fun Give me your love
10:57 Dharma Plastic doll
10:53 Lee marrow Shanghai
10:49 Fancy Slice me nice
10:44 Blackway New life
10:41 Den harrow Bad boy
10:37 The twins Ballet dancer
10:34 Baltimora Woody boogie
10:29 Ivan Fotonovela
10:26 Novecento Movin' on (7 single)
10:22 Savage Don't cry tonight
10:19 The hurricanes Only one night
10:15 Roxanne Charlene
10:09 Valerie dore Get closer
10:05 Tony esposito Kalimba de luna
10:01 Miko mission How old are you?
9:58 Mike mareen Love spy
9:53 Gazebo Telephone mama
9:49 Sabrina Boys (summertime love)
9:45 Scotch Delirio mind
9:40 P. lion Dream
9:36 Raf Self control
9:30 Radiorama Vampires
9:22 Mr. flagio Take a chance
9:18 Fun fun Happy station
9:11 The twins The desert place
9:09 Ryan paris Dolce vita
8:58 Steel mind Bad passion
8:51 Alexander robotnick Problèmes d'amour
8:44 Midnight passion I need your love
8:41 Taffy I love my radio (midnight radio)
8:35 Hypnosis Pulstar
8:31 Silent circle Touch in the night
8:29 Rofo Rofo's theme
8:25 Gazebo I like chopin
8:19 Malcolm and the bad girls Shoot me
8:15 Righeira No tengo dinero
8:12 Baltimora Tarzan boy
8:05 Chris luis The heart of the city
7:59 Doctor's cat Feel the drive
7:56 Eddy huntington U.s.s.r.
7:52 Kano Another life
7:44 Peter richard Walking in the neon
7:40 Den harrow Holiday night
7:35 Fancy Slice me nice
7:30 Paul paul Good times
7:26 Laserdance Humanoid invasion
7:22 My mine Hypnotic tango
7:19 Roger meno I find the way
7:15 Meccano Activate my heart
7:11 Ivan Fotonovela
7:05 Deodato S.o.s., fire in the sky
7:00 Gillian lane Take my heart away
6:56 Den harrow Future brain
6:52 The hurricanes Only one night
6:48 Time Shaker shake (vocal version)
6:43 Sabrina All of me
6:40 Ryan paris Dolce vita
6:36 Brand image Are you loving?
6:30 Cruisin' gang Chinatown
6:26 Spagna Call me
6:09 Sabrina Boys (summertime love)
6:05 The twins Love system
5:57 Mr. flagio Take a chance
5:53 Lime Guilty
5:50 Scotch Take me up
5:46 Raf Self control
5:42 P. lion Happy children
5:42 The flirts Helpless (you took my love)