Rock Antenne Heavy Metal Playlist

Haben Sie ein Lied gehört, das bei einem Rock Antenne Heavy Metal, wissen aber nicht, wer der Sänger ist und wie das Lied heißt? Diese Seite enthält eine Liste der Songs, die tagsüber im Radiosender abgespielt werden. Die Tabelle zeigt die Spielzeit des Songs, seinen Künstler, den Namen des Songs.

19:49 Tankard Freibier
19:45 Rammstein Links 2,3,4
19:45 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
19:42 Kataklysm Narcissist
19:39 Eisbrecher Miststück 2012
19:35 Buckcherry Too Drunk To Fuck
19:30 Slayer South Of Heaven
19:25 Saxon Live To Rock
19:22 As I Lay Dying The Darkest Nights
19:18 Volbeat Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood
19:18 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
19:14 Crimson Glory Valhalla
19:09 Primordial Exile Amonst The Ruins
19:09 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
19:05 Sabaton Ghost Division
19:02 Korn Got The Life
19:01 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
18:56 Kreator Winter Martyrium
18:52 Powerwolf Demons Are A Girl's Best Friend
18:49 Architects Day In Day Out
18:44 Anthrax Antisocial
18:40 Communic Conspiracy In Mind
18:35 Arch Enemy Set Flame To The Night/ The Race
18:27 Avatarium Moonhorse
18:22 Immortal One By One
18:18 Nightwish Elan
18:17 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
18:13 King Diamond The Family Ghost
18:09 Dri The Five Year Plan
18:05 Crescent Shield Slaves To The Metal Horde
18:01 Megadeth A Tout Le Monde
18:00 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
17:57 Yngwie Malmsteen Cracking The Whip
17:51 Cradle Of Filth Right Wing Of The Garden Triptych
17:45 Pretty Maids Future World
17:41 Death Baptized In Blood
17:38 Judas Priest Breaking The Law
17:35 Disturbed Inside The Fire
17:29 Sodom Nuclear Winter
17:25 Fifth Angel Stars Are Falling
17:21 Kreator Pleasure To Kill
17:16 Tool Sober
17:15 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
17:11 Helloween Future World
17:08 Celtic Frost I Won't Dance (the Elder's Orient)
17:07 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
17:04 Motörhead English Rose
17:00 Edguy King Of Fools
16:55 Manowar Gloves Of Metal
16:50 Destruction Bestial Invasion
16:46 Ozzy Osbourne Crazy Train
16:45 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
16:42 Hatebreed Honor Never Dies
16:38 Nightwish Nemo
16:38 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
16:34 Ghost From The Pinnacle To The Pit
16:30 Fear Factory Replica
16:27 Hardcore Superstar Last Call For Alcohol
16:23 Hypocrisy Roswell 47
16:19 Within Temptation The Purge
16:14 Saxon 747 (strangers In The Night)
16:10 Lamb Of God Ghost Walking
16:06 Powerwolf Army Of The Night
16:01 Annihilator Alison Hell
15:56 Amorphis The Bee
15:51 Rammstein Sonne
15:51 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
15:45 Cradle Of Filth Heartbreak And Seance
15:40 Twisted Sister You Can't Stop Rock And Roll
15:37 Roadwolf All Hell Is Breaking Loose
15:31 Helloween Ride The Sky
15:28 Buckcherry Crazy Bitch
15:23 Dimmu Borgir Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse
15:17 The Gathering Strange Machines
15:17 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
15:13 Manowar Carry On
15:09 Helmet Unsung
15:08 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
15:04 Motörhead Born To Raise Hell
14:59 Lacuna Coil Heaven's A Lie
14:59 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
14:55 Metallica Whiplash
14:50 Parkway Drive Wishing Wells
14:46 Anvil Metal On Metal
14:45 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
14:42 Nuclear Assault Equal Rights
14:39 Nightwish Amaranth
14:38 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
14:34 Within Temptation Our Solemn Hour
14:30 Destruction Mad Butcher
14:27 Sabaton The Lost Battalion
14:26 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
14:23 At The Gates Blinded By Fear
14:19 Powerwolf Sanctified With Dynamite
14:19 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
14:14 Amorphis House Of Sleep
14:10 Exumer The Raging Tides
14:07 U.d.o. We Do
14:01 Judas Priest Painkiller
14:01 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
13:56 Machine Head Is There Anybody Out There
13:53 Die Krupps To The Hilt
13:52 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
13:49 Benediction Controlopolis (rats In The Mask)
13:45 Iron Maiden The Trooper
13:42 Twisted Sister The Kids Are Back
13:35 Primordial The Puritan's Hand
13:29 Saxon Wheels Of Steel
13:25 Behemoth God = Dog
13:21 Metallica For Whom The Bell Tolls
13:20 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
13:17 Blind Guardian The Bard's Song (live)
13:12 Venom Hammerhead
13:12 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
13:09 Black Sabbath Never Say Die
13:03 Axel Rudi Pell Rock The Nation
12:58 Pantera Cowboys From Hell
12:53 Mordred Falling Away
12:49 Megadeth Peace Sells
12:49 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
12:48 Napalm Death Nazi Punks Fuck Off
12:43 Helloween I Want Out
12:39 Eluveitie Inis Mona
12:34 Kreator Terrible Certainty
12:28 Metal Church Beyond The Black
12:23 Dimmu Borgir Mourning Palace
12:19 Hammerfall Last Man Standing
12:18 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
12:14 Running Wild Under Jolly Roger
12:10 Mastodon Curl Of The Burl
12:09 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
12:04 Magnum Vigilante (live)
12:00 Grave Digger Heavy Metal Breakdown
12:00 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
11:58 Korpiklaani Bier Bier Feat. Gerre
11:55 Motörhead Iron Fist
11:55 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
11:48 Dark Fortress Baphomet
11:40 Metallica Master Of Puppets
11:36 Dream Theater Forsaken
11:29 Machine Head Imperium
11:25 Paradise Lost Embers Fire
11:20 Bolt Thrower The Fourth Crusade
11:14 Pantera 5 Minutes Alone
11:14 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
11:11 Volbeat Sad Man's Tongue
11:07 Bring Me The Horizon Happy Song
11:07 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
11:03 Rage Down By Law
11:00 Powerwolf Kiss Of The Cobra King (2019)
10:56 Helloween As Long As I Fall
10:52 Trivium Watch The World Burn
10:48 Accept Fast As A Shark
10:47 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
10:45 Behemoth Slaying The Prophets Ov Isa
10:39 Hammerfall Hammerfall
10:35 Majesty Into The Stadiums
10:31 Satyricon Fuel For Hatred
10:28 Brainstorm Fire Walk With Me
10:27 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
10:23 Possessed Burning In Hell
10:20 Rammstein Asche Zu Asche
10:19 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
10:15 Saxon Solid Ball Of Rock
10:09 Amon Amarth One Thousand Burning Arrows
10:05 Saltatio Mortis Loki
10:02 Stratovarius Hunting High And Low
10:01 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
09:54 Metallica Creeping Death
09:54 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
09:51 System Of A Down Chop Suey!
09:49 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
09:42 Pantera Cemetery Gates
09:37 Slayer Angel Of Death
09:33 The Unity Welcome Home
09:30 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
09:27 Napalm Death Mass Appeal Madness
09:23 Sanctuary Arise And Purify
09:22 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
09:21 Helloween Dr. Stein
09:15 Biohazard Five Blocks To The Subway
09:12 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
09:08 Alestorm Pirate Metal Drinking Crew
09:03 Accept Balls To The Wall
08:53 Hammerfall Hearts On Fire
08:52 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
08:47 Satyricon The Pentagram Burns
08:44 Rammstein Feuer Frei
08:41 Battle Beast Over The Top
08:37 Celtic Frost Into The Crypt Of Rays
08:33 Disturbed Another Way To Die
08:29 At The Gates Forever Blind
08:28 Iron Maiden Caught Somewhere In Time
08:16 Avenged Sevenfold Nightmare
08:08 Death Spiritual Healing
08:03 Riot Metal Warrior
07:59 Pantera This Love
07:55 Light The Torch Die Alone
07:50 Sepultura Firestarter
07:46 Primal Fear Metal Is Forever
07:45 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
07:41 Enslaved Thurisaz Dreaming (edit)
07:35 Axel Rudi Pell Tear Down The Walls
07:33 Cirith Ungol Frost And Fire
07:16 Amorphis Towards And Against
07:08 Babymetal Gimme Chocolate!!
07:05 Lizzy Borden Council For The Caldron
07:00 Accept Metal Heart
06:56 Iron Maiden Run To The Hills
06:56 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
06:52 Heaven Shall Burn The Weapon They Fear
06:45 Savatage Gutter Ballet
06:41 Nevermore Final Product
06:39 Stormtroopers Of Death United Forces
06:33 Testament The Ballad
06:31 Vallenfyre Kill All Your Masters
06:28 Motörhead No Class (live)
06:22 Sabaton Cliffs Of Gallipoli
06:16 Death Symbolic
06:10 Heaven & Hell Neon Knights (live)
06:05 Tool Stinkfist
05:58 Dream Theater Constant Motion
05:54 Kreator Riot Of Violence
05:48 Metallica Enter Sandman
05:45 Parkway Drive The Siren's Song
05:41 Judas Priest The Hellion/ Electric Eye
05:36 Amorphis Weaving The Incantation
05:32 Slipknot Duality
05:28 Tiamat Whatever That Hurts
05:21 Kamelot Rule The World
05:20 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
05:19 Kamelot Rule The World
05:15 Crystallion Knights And Heroes
05:12 Carnivore Carnivore
05:08 Sonata Arctica Paid In Full
05:04 Paradise Lost As I Die
05:03 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
04:59 Megadeth Hangar 18
04:58 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
04:55 The Ghost Inside The Outcast
04:49 Savatage Hall Of The Mountain King
04:45 Motörhead No Voices In The Sky
04:41 Testament Over The Wall
04:36 Fates Warning Fata Morgana
04:32 Possessed The Exorcist
04:25 Iron Maiden 22 Acacia Avenue
04:24 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
04:16 Dream Theater Pull Me Under
04:12 Sepultura Dead Embryonic Cells
04:08 Drowning Pool Bodies
04:04 Avenged Sevenfold Hail To The King
03:56 Metallica One
03:51 Entombed Severe Burns
03:45 Anthrax Indians
03:42 Judas Priest Firepower
03:37 Machine Head Davidian
03:34 Angel Witch Angel Witch
03:30 Heaven Shall Burn Endzeit
03:25 Manowar Die For Metal
03:24 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
03:19 Pantera Walk
03:15 Suicidal Angels Reborn In Violence
03:11 Five Finger Death Punch Sham
03:07 Queensryche I Don't Believe In Love
02:59 W.a.s.p. Chainsaw Charlie (murders In The New Morgue)
02:55 Sacred Reich Love Hate
02:51 Vicious Rumors Soldiers Of The Night
02:50 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
02:46 Neaera Armamentarium
02:43 Linkin Park One Step Closer
02:43 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
02:39 King Diamond Twilight Symphony
02:34 System Of A Down Byob (bring Your Own Bombs)
02:29 Iron Maiden The Prisoner (live)
02:24 Death Scream Bloody Gore
02:20 Primal Fear Along Came The Devil
02:19 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
02:16 Danzig Mother
02:12 Rhapsody Of Fire Crystal Moonlight
02:04 Porcupine Tree Fear Of A Blank Planet
02:00 Judas Priest You've Got Another Thing Comin'
01:59 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
01:57 Evildead The Descending
01:52 Exodus The Toxic Waltz
01:51 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
01:47 Marduk Baptism By Fire
01:42 Candlemass At The Gallows End
01:36 Manowar Hail And Kill
01:32 Amon Amarth Raise Your Horns
01:28 Five Finger Death Punch Wash It All Away
01:24 Stormtroopers Of Death March & Sargent D And The S.o.d.
01:20 Rammstein Mein Land
01:16 Pantera Mouth For War
01:11 Kreator 666
01:11 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
00:59 Saxon Strong Arm Of The Law
00:58 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
00:55 Iron Maiden Iron Maiden
00:51 Dust Bolt Agent Thrash
00:48 Rob Zombie Dragula
00:47 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
00:46 Minor Threat Straight Edge
00:43 Godsmack Whatever
00:39 Battle Beast Madness
00:34 Korn Dead Bodies Everywhere
00:30 Motörhead Doctor Rock
00:30 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
00:27 Hatebreed Defeatist
00:23 Prong Beg To Differ
00:22 Rock Antenne Heavy Metal
00:19 System Of A Down Toxicity
00:07 Type O Negative Unsuccessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty Of Infidelity
00:00 Disturbed Down With The Sickness